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Hi my name is Paul W. Koester. Welcome to my gallery of artistic images  that I have created from my explorations around the world. It is my deepest desire that you enjoy your time here and perhaps find new meaning and a positive message through my images. It is my desire that you will feel Love, Light and Positive energy when either viewing my work online or physically standing in front of it. 

I truly believe that art is the expression of the soul. What is within our innermost being must come forth. We must find a means to express ourselves. In a world full of the negative, art is a ginormous positive that gobbles up the negative. Through art I am able to express myself and I truly enjoy sharing that creativity with others. It is my firm belief that that all thought and creativity comes from nothing. This nothing, which is invisible, intangible, unreal; like true magic then becomes real and powerful. Literally something from absolutely nothing. This is the power of thought. Through thought we can do the impossible. 

I truly feel that the magic of art is under appreciated. Growing up as an artist I did not value art the way I do now. Today I see art as being priceless. The reason for this is due to what I now realize as the source of how All art originates. The source is the Universe and the powers that dictate. The wealthy and the elite understand this as a result their homes, businesses and offices are full of art inside and out. The not so privileged have been fed the lie that art is a luxury and that it is not necessary. Other material possessions have taken precedence and the value of those possessions begins to diminish the very moment we open the package. On the contrary art lasts forever if it has meaning and purpose. It does not decay like a diamond ring or a new car. Art that speaks to you will speak to you for your entire life. It will add dimension and peace and meaningful conversation to your life. Art also inspires. Having something in your dwelling that came from nothing is powerful and that energy flows and heals and inspires.        

We are currently living in a type of Renaissance period. Art is flourishing with art shows and events galore. This is a wonderful thing! Yet most ignore the art. Why is this even though much of it is incredibly affordable even for the poor? The answer is education. We have to teach and live the importance of art and the power it has to unlock all the doors that seem impenetrable. 

Surround yourself with art. 

Paul W. Koester

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