Bio - Paul W. Koester


Hi my name is Paul W. Koester. Welcome to my gallery of photographs from around the world. It is my deepest desire that you enjoy your time here and perhaps find new meaning and a positive message through my images.

I grew up in a world of creative thinking. I was surrounded by artistic and talented family members who never ceased to amaze me with their abilities. Coming from this background, I understood I could do anything that I could imagine. From this mindset I  have taught myself a variety of skills simply from observation. The road has been far from being easy, it has proven to be quite arduous at times. However knowing and understanding that anything is possible has kept me on that road.

Though this gallery is limited to my photography, my range of artistry, is not limited to photography.  I enjoy sculpting, painting, and illustration. Some of my coolest creations are automated sculptures that move, light up, produce sound, etc. They are fully controlled by computerized software and hardware. Serving six years in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician and spending over 20 years in various engineering capacities has helped me understand some of the more complex state-of-the-art principles and components. These skills have enabled me to create a unique blend of art and technology.

My very first camera was a little Kodak Instamatic 104. Though I was only 6 years old at the time, I remember it well and took it just about everywhere I went. The thrill and anticipation of snapping photos and then taking them to be developed is hard to forget. I would anxiously wait to see what gems that I captured, and of course hoping I captured them well. Though that camera is long gone, the thrill of capturing a moment in a special way has never passed.

I truly believe that art is the expression of the soul. What is within our innermost being must come forth. We must find a means to express ourselves. In a world full of the negative, art is a ginormous positive that gobbles up the negative. Through art I am able to express myself and I truly enjoy sharing that creativity with others.

Though photography is just one of my outlets, the fun thing about photography is that it offers no limitations to what a person can do or what the mind can conjure up. Anything that is limited will get boring very fast and will ultimately get shelved. I have been behind the lens in some capacity for over 40 years and it is far from getting boring anytime soon.

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