Vernon Finney's career as an artist spans over 50 years. He has divided his time between the commercial art world where he earned his living, and his personal indulgence in the pure art. He should, therefore, be counted amongst the very few, privileged artists who are able to paint as they wish. The majority of Vernon's work is held in private collections, but he seems reluctant to part company with them, as they are so much a part of him. There are also some originals of his artwork available.

As a person, Vernon has great affinity to nature, and is a great observant of both humans and nature and their relationship to each other. His art is classified as surreal, and although he depicts nature accurately, there is always more to it. He lets his imagination embellish it in a subtle way and lets the viewer share the artist's perception of the world around us. To quote Dr. Paul C. Denny, Jr., a retired art professor,

"Finney's use of color manipulates our eyes to make us feel we are seeing two compositions in one".

Being so extremely proficient and skilled in the art of painting, Vernon is able to depict on canvas, what most of us cannot express in words. He is able to bring forth feelings and ideas and convey them to the viewer. He is an artist who is able to put the vision of a dream on canvas. He depicts the human form in a generic way. It could be anybody, yet it represents everybody, conveying tranquility and mystique in their relationship and place in nature.

When he approaches an empty canvas to begin a painting, the subject and composition of that painting is already completed to the last detail in his mind's eye. What he does as an artist is make it visible to others by spending countless hours - and with impeccable skill, realize the image onto the canvas.

In 1950, Vernon Finney obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Oklahoma University. He continued his art education studying Figure Drawing at UCLA, Lithography at Otis and further Figure Drawing at LA Trade Tech.

His work was exhibited in 1978 at Carter/Sarkin Gallery in Los Angeles; in 1986 at the El Camino College; in 1987 at D. Geraro Gallery in Santa Monica. In 1993-1994 his art was exhibited at the BonaVenture Hotel in Los Angeles in association with Sharing Friends of the Arts, and again in the same year under the auspice of the same organization in a group show with L.A.V.A. His work was the pioneer of the first "Art in the Park" in 1996 at Park LaBrea, and was seen in 1998 at L.G.O. Gallery in Palm Springs. CA.

He is among the listed artists in the 1989 California Art Review as well as the illustrated survey of leading American Artists in the American Artists publication of 1990.

His art has been acquired by the Oklahoma Ponca City Public Art Collection, by Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Daren, the Vincent Price estate, as well as by many other private collectors.

Finney has created murals for private and public places. They are in Pasadena, CA, North Hollywood, the Probe Night Club in Hollywood, at Berkeley, and Park LaBrea in Los Angeles.

His achievement in the art brought him two awards from the City of Los Angeles. In 1993 he received an Award of Excellence from Mayor Tom Bradley, and in 1996 he received Artistic Commendation from Mayor Richard Riordan.

Vernon Finney currently resides in southern California.

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Vernon Finney

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